About us

The company was established in 1962 with the purpose to produce various granite break-stone for Lithuanian automobile roads and building industry. After the privatisation of the company the strategical development plans were changed and the company was orientated according to the rules of market economy. However the mode of production was kept and the major part of employees continued their work in the company.

The company develops its activities and future plans with new production:
Small and big size paving-stone (cubes);
Grass, lawn, sward, garage, street granite broadsides;
Staircase terraces (steps);
Fireplaces decoration elements;
Buildings interior and exterior decoration elements from granite stone slabs;
Various woodenwares.

There are around 50 employees, who make and sell production and services for more than 5 million Lt (approximately 1,25 million USA dollars) per year. The location of the company is in perfect geographical place, besides the railway (which is the part of "north circuit" of strategically important to Lithuania IX B Kreta corridor), close to the airport and seaport, connected with proper roads. The company is well equipped and operates lots of powerful machines, which helps to implement exclusive orders and to develop company's policy. The company also leases the machines to neighbour enterprises and for preparation of the sea resort beaches for summer season like their renewal after the storm in Palanga.

The company owns rest house in Palanga, which accommodates lots of guests

Company's works

The main activity of the company since it's foundation remains unchanged - the production of breakstone. However according to the growth of the latest client's demands - new policy of the company originates (granite cubes, columns, broadsides, slabs and etc.) which helps to satisfy the need of individual clients. Qualified brigade of four men is able to accomplish various orders of different clients.